Ready for a Second Home?

I Can Help!

Your second home, whether its a bare lot for your RV in the middle of the wilderness or a lakefront cottage for weekends with family and friends, is a precious asset.  Deciding what kind of property that will be is a precarious choice - factors like the distance from home, usability, and investment potential have to be weighed carefully, along with the feel of the place and the lifestyle it affords you.

If you are in the market for a second property, I can help.  I can get you any specific area information, discuss the kinds of properties available and pros and cons of each, and bring you up to date on market values and trends.  If you are looking farther from home, out of province or even out of country, I can access our extensive referral network and make sure you are well taken care of wherever you are going.

Contact me any time, no obligation and no charge, and let's chat.